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What are some signs of long-lasting injuries after a dog bite?

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2023 | Animal Bites & Attacks

Dog bites can be distressing experiences that can lead to serious injuries. Understanding the signs of injuries resulting from a dog bite is crucial to ensure proper and timely medical attention.

If you suffer from a bite, it is essential to pay attention to potential signs of further problems.

Bruising and inflammation

Bruises and swelling may not show up right away around the area of the bite. Paying attention to the color and size of the bite is important when assessing the seriousness of the injury. About 38% of American households have at least one dog, according to the Centers for Disease Control, so you may encounter this problem when visiting someone’s home.

Dog bites introduce bacteria into the skin, which can cause an infection. If the area becomes increasingly red, warm to the touch and painful, it might be an indication of an infection developing.

Problems with moving the area

If the dog bite occurs on a limb or joint, you might experience difficulty moving or using that area. This could be due to damage to muscles, tendons or ligaments caused by the bite. It is essential to pay attention to any limitations in movement.

Discharge from bite area or tiredness

If you experience fever, fatigue or flu-like symptoms following a dog bite, it could be a sign of infection spreading through the body. You should take note of any unusual pus from the bite wound. Discharge could be a sign of infection or a more severe underlying issue.

Remember that early intervention and medical care can significantly reduce the risks associated with dog bite injuries. If you suffer a bite from a dog, seek medical attention immediately.