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6 important safety tips for pool owners in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2023 | Personal Injury

Owning a pool can provide hours of relaxation and fun; however, with this privilege comes a responsibility to ensure the safety of those who use it.

Accidents in the pool can be life-threatening, but many pool accidents are preventable through proper maintenance, safety measures and vigilance. Pool owners must understand how to avoid accidents and create a safe environment.

1. Pool enclosures

Installing proper safety measures such as fencing, self-latching gates and pool covers is often mandated by local laws in New Jersey and is important to prevent accidents and drownings. Make sure the fence is in good condition by inspecting it regularly, performing repairs when needed and replacing it if necessary

2. Supervision

You should never leave children, elderly people or inexperienced swimmers near the pool unattended. Assign a responsible adult, preferably one who is a strong swimmer, as a pool supervisor anytime the pool is in use. On average, there are 4,000 fatal drownings every year in the U.S., making constant supervision necessary.

3. Pool maintenance

While safety is the most important concern for any pool owner, you should also pay attention to the proper maintenance of your pool to guarantee the well-being of all users. Keep the water clean, chemically balanced and clear of debris, and be sure to maintain the filtration system and pool equipment properly.

4. Pool covers and alarms

To enhance pool safety measures, contemplate two effective options: installing a reliable pool cover, which provides an additional layer of protection, and incorporating an alarm system that can promptly alert you and authorities in the event of any potential hazards or unauthorized access.

5. Safety equipment

Keep essential safety equipment, such as life vests, life rings and reaching poles accessible near the pool. These items can be helpful in rescue situations, and having them close at hand can save time in an emergency.

6. Education and rules

Educating pool users, especially children, about safety rules and teaching them how to react in emergencies is a proactive way to ensure everyone’s safety. Stress the importance of no running, no diving in shallow areas and no rough play.

Safety should be the top priority for any pool owner in New Jersey. Remember, a few simple measures can make all the difference in preventing pool accidents.