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5 tips for keeping your pool safe during the winter

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2024 | Personal Injury

Outdoor pools are incredible fun during the summer. No matter how much joy they bring, preventing drowning and other types of injury remains a top priority. This responsibility continues even throughout the winter.

Appropriate strategies help prevent accidents from occurring during the chilly season. They also contribute toward a smooth reopening when warmer weather arrives.

Tip 1. Adjust pool covers

A properly fitted pool cover acts as a barrier that prevents accidental falls and keeps out debris. Ensure your cover is tightly in place and address visible gaps to discourage curious outsiders from sneaking in.

Tip 2. Remove snow

Winter weather can harm the integrity of your cover, making your pool less safe. Regularly remove snow, slush and ice to prevent excessive weight that could cause a collapse. Use a soft broom or brush to avoid unintentional damage.

Tip 3. Install a pool alarm

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 280 children under five drown in the nation’s swimming pools annually. Pool owners must do what they can to prevent such tragedies from happening on their premises. Add an extra layer of protection to yours with a professional alarm. These security systems detect unauthorized access throughout the year, including when nobody is around to stop curious little ones from going where they should not.

Tip 4. Store pool equipment

Winter is an opportune time to put away ladders, diving boards and other accessories. Removing these items minimizes the risk of unauthorized access and ensures that equipment remains in good condition for the next swimming season.

Tip 5. Monitor chemical levels

Even when your pool is not in use, its chemical levels still need checking. Proper chemical balance discourages the growth of algae and bacteria that could cause sickness. Regularly inspect and adjust your water according to manufacturer recommendations.

Keeping pools secure throughout the colder months remains imperative. Owners bear accountability for any injury where a lack of safety precautions remains a factor.