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Posts tagged "Animal Bites & Attacks"

Teach children how to stay safe around dogs

It's only natural for kids to love dogs, or at the very least be curious about them. In many cases, dogs will reciprocate, but if a dog is naturally aggressive or feels threatened it is possible that it could bite a child. As parents and caregivers, it is important to teach children how to interact with dogs appropriately in order to avoid a dog bite or limit the damage of a dog attack.

Early treatment after animal bite is key to preventing rabies

A New Jersey resident who has been injured by an animal attack should be checked out by a medical doctor. If an aggressive dog or other animal is unknown to the victim, the victim could potentially have contracted rabies. Once noticeable symptoms of rabies appear in a person, there is hardly any chance of survival.

Dangers of cat bites

Many people in New Jersey suffer from animal bites each year. While people most often hear about dog bite injuries, cat bites can also cause severe injuries due to the infections that can develop from them.

Reducing dog bites still may not keep New Jersey residents safe

It has long been believed that learning to read a dog's body language could reduce the frequency of dog bites. However, new research from the University of Liverpool indicated that this might not be the case. In some dog bite incidents, the victim had no prior interaction with the animal, which made it impossible to read the dog's behavior ahead of time.

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