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Improving safety issues at a construction site

Construction work is a dangerous and demanding occupation, not only because of the hazards involved, but also because of soaring temperatures that can lead to a heat stroke or even death. Therefore, New Jersey construction companies should make safety education a priority.

Commuting injuries and workers' compensation benefits

New Jersey employees who are injured in workplace accidents or become sick after being exposed to toxic substances at work are usually eligible to file workers' compensation claims. However, some injuries that may appear to be work-related would not qualify for benefits under the workers' compensation program. Employees driving to or from their places of work would not be in their cars if it were not for their jobs, but injuries incurred in commuting accidents do not generally qualify for workers' compensation benefits under what is known as the "going and coming rule".

Staying safe while welding

When a New Jersey worker engages in any type of fusion welding, it can result in visible fumes that can be hazardous to that worker's health. If a worker is exposed to these fumes for a short period of time, it could cause a nauseous feeling or irritation to the eyes or throat. However, long-term exposure to these fumes may lead to serious issues such as cancer or damage to the nervous system or internal organs.

Staying safe while working in dangerous weather in New Jersey

During the summer months, heat and lightning are hazards that employers with outdoor workers may need to be aware of. In fact, NOAA and OSHA have teamed up to offer relevant facts about lightning safety to employers. For instance, lightning can strike up to 10 miles away from any given storm. To remain safe, workers should stay inside for at least 30 minutes after hearing thunder.

It could become harder to hide real causes of car accidents

Many New Jersey drivers might try to hide the real cause of a car accident if they are at fault, but Tesla Motors has made this very difficult. The company is constantly connected to its vehicles over the Internet, so it records data on every action that the cars and drivers make. Other car makers are expected to follow this example in the near future, making it nearly impossible to hide the cause of a crash.

The rate of worker injuries at slaughterhouses

The meatpacking industry has made many strides toward worker safety over the last two decades. However, it is still very difficult to know the real number of injuries and illnesses suffered by workers in New Jersey and across the nation due to their jobs.

Fatal workplace injuries

Many New Jersey employees work in hazardous jobs. While any loss should be taken seriously, there are some industries such as fishing and logging that leave workers especially prone to injury or death on the job. Loggers experienced a death rate of nearly 111 per every 100,000 workers in 2014 around the country. On a per capita basis, this made it the most dangerous job in America, with a rate of nearly 111 deaths per 100,000 workers.

Common causes of workplace injuries

Most people understand the risks that construction workers and other physical laborers in New Jersey face each day on the job. Falling from heights, overexertion and accidents involving work equipment are a few of the risks. While physical labor may have more obvious risks, even those who are in sedentary jobs could be injured in the workplace.

Proper footwear encourages worker safety

New Jersey workers in the construction and other industries should understand that proper footwear can promote a safer workplace. An on-the-job injury can often be prevented if an employee is wearing protective footwear that complies with thesafety standards for the line of work. It is important for workers to feel confident that their footwear is adequate for the task.

Construction industry shows increase in work-related deaths

Many New Jersey residents work in hazardous occupations, and unfortunately fatal injuries sometimes occur. National workplace fatality figures for 2014 has been revised, and in many cases the totals have increased.