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September 2015 Archives

Fall protection at the workplace

New Jersey employers and their employees might benefit from learning more about the fall protections available for workplace use. Fall protection is not a science that every employer has perfected yet. Some of the factors to consider include identifying which equipment purchases to make, defining roles and responsibilities, fulfilling different requirements and choosing the best solutions for specific applications. Gaining clarity on these issues may help ensure worker safety.

Long shifts pose injury risks to EMS workers

New Jersey EMS workers may find interest in a new study that illustrates the dangers of extended shift work. Those who work more than 12 hours are 60 percent more likely to experience illness and injury than those who work 12 hours or less, according to researchers. The risk continues to increase the longer the shift is, making those who work 24 hours in one shift at double the risk of those who work eight hours or less.

New Jersey construction jobs and hard hat safety

New Jersey construction workers are likely already familiar with the benefits of wearing a hard hat, but they may not realize that wearing one correctly is equally important. Only a hard hat that fits securely can offer adequate protection for carpenters, construction workers, plumbers, mechanics and other professionals in hazardous jobs. OSHA guidelines state that construction workers must wear hats made of thermoplastic resin that is lightweight, malleable and does not conduct electricity.

Driver jailed due to defective vehicle

New Jersey residents may be interested in learning more about how different drivers have been jailed for fatal accidents that were eventually attributed to defective vehicles. The exonerating evidence in many of these cases has been the massive recalls plaguing the auto industry over the past few years. One woman spent three months in jail until a judge dismissed her guilty verdict based on the discovery of new evidence.

Many car accident injuries have delayed symptoms

New Jersey car accidents do not always result in victims being rushed to the hospital with critical injuries. However, even car accident victims that do not require immediate hospitalization can experience delayed injury symptoms that are very serious. Some of these delayed symptoms won't be apparent for several days after a person is involved in a crash.

Dangers of cat bites

Many people in New Jersey suffer from animal bites each year. While people most often hear about dog bite injuries, cat bites can also cause severe injuries due to the infections that can develop from them.

Worker injury may be due to fogging in safety glasses

As New Jersey residents may know, workplace eye injuries are common, with about 2,000 requiring medical care daily, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Eye injuries result in loss of eyesight in up to two out of ten workers.

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