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Many car accident injuries have delayed symptoms

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2015 | Car Accidents

New Jersey car accidents do not always result in victims being rushed to the hospital with critical injuries. However, even car accident victims that do not require immediate hospitalization can experience delayed injury symptoms that are very serious. Some of these delayed symptoms won’t be apparent for several days after a person is involved in a crash.

One of the most common car accident injuries is whiplash. This injury is usually caused by a rear-end collision and can result in pain and numbness that is sometimes not felt for a few days after the accident. Back pain caused by injuries to the nerves, ligaments or muscles is another delayed symptom that is commonly experienced by car accident victims.

If a car accident victim notices swelling, pain or bruising in the abdominal area, this could be a sign of internal bleeding. Potentially life-threatening internal bleeding may not be apparent for hours or even days after an accident. Frequent headaches after a car accident could be symptoms of a concussion, neck injury or a blood clot in the brain. A person who has depression, personality changes or impaired thinking after a crash might have sustained a traumatic brain injury.

Many of the delayed symptom injuries that are typical of car accidents can seriously impact a person’s ability to function. A car accident victim who has lost working hours and accumulated medical debt because of injuries may be able to seek compensation from the driver whose negligence was the cause of the crash. A lawyer for an injured victim can determine whether the filing of a personal injury lawsuit is an advisable method of legal recourse.