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4 practices for motorcycle safety

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents

As a motorcycle owner, you understand the dangers of riding. You are more likely to suffer an injury, and other drivers pose a more significant threat.

To maximize safety while riding your bike, follow the guidelines listed below. There is a risk every time you hit the road, but you can improve your chances of a safe ride.

1. Wear a helmet

Wearing the right gear makes a huge difference. According to the Insurance Information Institute, helmets prevented 1,872 motorcycle fatalities in 2017. However, only 65 percent of bikers wore DOT-approved helmets in 2017. Do not take an unnecessary risk by riding without your helmet.

2. Check the weather

Before every ride, you should know what the weather forecast is. Anything other than sunshine adds to the risk factor of riding your bike. Not only does condensation decrease your traction, but it also lowers your visibility.

3. Inspect your bike

Do a cursory inspection before every ride. Check all your lights, brakes, fuel level, mirrors, horn, handlebars and tire pressure. Before every riding season, get a more extensive inspection done by a professional if you do not have the expertise.

4. Keep your distance

The standard four-second test is a good way to stay safe on the road. For motorcycles, keeping your space is even more important than passenger vehicles. Never tailgate another car.

Riding a motorcycle takes preparation. Never ride in inclement weather, without a helmet or with malfunctioning equipment. Consider taking a safety course to be even more prepared for emergencies. Most importantly, you need to exercise sound judgment and common sense while on the road.