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Burlington Attorneys Helping Injured Motorcyclists

An unexpected, violent motorcycle crash can cause serious and catastrophic injury to the head, brain and spinal cord of a vulnerable motorcycle driver and passenger. Even the most careful motorcycle enthusiasts who wear helmets and obey the rules of the road can suddenly find themselves injured because of negligent, distracted motorists, unmarked road construction, hazardous road defects and other dangers.

If you or a loved one in New Jersey has sustained serious personal injury or fatal injuries leading to wrongful death in a motorcycle collision or car accident, we can help.

In Burlington, South Jersey, Central New Jersey and across the state, the lawyers who aggressively protect your right to your share of the road — and your share of an insurance company’s resources when a careless driver injures you — are Smith Magram Michaud Colonna P.C.

Given the exposed nature of motorcyclists, motorcycle injuries are often life changing, requiring a lifetime of expensive treatment and ongoing special needs, and causing significant emotional burdens for a family. This is why you need the maximum financial compensation possible for all that you have been through. Our team of accomplished, certified trial lawyers brings more than 100 years of combined experience to the safeguarding of your interests, start to finish.

Unfortunately, drivers cannot always see motorcycles as easily as they notice other motor vehicles, which can make riding a motorcycle especially dangerous. The negligent driver who did not see you will have to see us — Smith Magram Michaud Colonna P.C. Call us toll free to arrange your free initial consultation. 609-589-0649.

More Than 100 Years of Combined Personal Injury Experience Working for You

We apply our large law firm experience and small law firm personal service to get results for your motorcycle accident personal injury claim that reflect personal sacrifices such as:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Repair or replacement of your motorcycle
  • Emotional trauma
  • Lost income
  • Disfigurement
  • Amputation

Thanks to the strict contingency fee basis for our work — we charge no attorney fee unless we win your case — you owe it to yourself and your family to make sure that your rights are protected. Throughout the legal process, you will have maximum availability to our expertise, so that any spontaneous questions or concerns can be promptly addressed.

Tips For Avoiding A Motorcycle Accident

Here’s the reality: A lot of experts say that you can only become one of two types of motorcyclists. First, you can be a rider who has already experienced a crash. Second, you can be a rider who will crash in the future.

The idea is that every motorcycle rider, given enough time and enough miles, will get in a wreck. The seriousness varies. Some people get into deadly accidents that leave motorcycle parts strewn all over the highway. Others get in simple low-speed wrecks that lead to sprains, bruises and road rash. But everyone eventually crashes.

No safety culture?

One potential issue, though, is that some riders do not take safety very seriously at all. If you do, you’re less likely to crash. Many ride without helmets, wear dark colors instead of bright colors, drive after they’ve been drinking and break the speed limit. A lot of this is illegal, and even the things that aren’t — like wearing a black jacket — make riding more dangerous than it has to be.

Some experts blame a lack of safety knowledge in the United States. One expert was asked in which country he noted the lowest amount of regard for safety while riding. He claimed that it was “very much the U.S., which is the worst among the countries that I know. The United States is the country with the least awareness about safety.”

New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Statistics

The safety of the New Jersey highway system depends upon both the infrastructure and the drivers that use it. Unfortunately, motorcycle fatalities have increased 33 percent nationwide since 2003, and 77 people in New Jersey lost their lives on motorcycles in 2012 alone. It is unknown how much of this increase is due to issues with the cyclists, issues with the road or issues with other drivers.

The U. S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released a report indicating that the fatality rate for motorcycle collisions rose 7 percent between 2011 and 2012. This category of traffic death now comprises 15 percent of all road fatalities in America. This is in spite of the fact that motorcycles only make up 3 percent of all registered motor vehicles. They are also driven much less than passenger vehicles or trucks, traveling fewer than 1 percent of all vehicle miles driven in a year.

These accidents happen at all hours of the day and all days of the week, though some days have more of them. According to the report, a fatal motorcycle accident is equally likely to happen during the hours of the weekend or the weekday. Slightly more than half of these deadly crashes took place between the motorcycle and another vehicle, while the rest happened to the motorcycle alone.

Why Are Rural Roads More Dangerous for Motorcyclists?

More chances of wildlife-related accidents

When you drive where the deer and the antelope roam, you’re more likely to hit one. These giant animals can result in serious damage to your vehicle — and it’s not uncommon for fatalities after an animal-caused collision. If you’re riding a motorcycle, your chances of survival are even less.

A false sense of security

There are fewer vehicles traveling through rural environments. If you’re used to gridlock city traffic, you could find yourself feeling safer than you should. In fact, rural driving tends to be faster, and there’s just one lane to use so there aren’t as many opportunities to evade a potential accident scenario.

Poor conditions

Above, we mentioned the dangers of driving on a two-lane road without as many options for evading an accident. Also, two-lane roads create passing risks from oncoming motorists. Rural, country roads might not be as well-maintained as other roads, and this can also provide the perfect conditions for losing control of your vehicle when you least expect it.

Lack of lighting

Rural roads tend to be poorly lit, and this creates increased risks when motorists are less capable of seeing the potential dangers that lie ahead of them.

Infrequent use of seat belts

For some reason, maybe it’s because there aren’t as many cars on the road or because fewer police are patrolling the streets, more motorists fail to use a seat belt on rural roads. This increases the risk of serious injuries and death in the event of a crash.

Don’t suffer your motorcycle accident injuries alone. Our compassionate Burlington law firm works hard to see to it that your medical bills are paid, your motorcycle is fixed, and your lost wages and pain and suffering are a thing of the past. We help you to put the pieces of your life back together after a motorcycle crash. We are local lawyers who solve local problems.

Contact Smith Magram Michaud Colonna P.C. to arrange a free initial consultation and case evaluation with one of our skilled, compassionate Burlington motorcycle accidents attorneys. If your recovery prevents travel, we can come to you.