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The role of physical therapy after a dog bite

On Behalf of | May 8, 2024 | Animal Bites & Attacks

Recovering from a dog bite requires more than immediate medical attention. It often demands long-term rehabilitation to restore strength and function.

Physical therapy plays an important role in this recovery process, helping victims regain mobility and prevent future complications.

Importance of physical therapy

Physical therapy starts after the initial wound care process. It targets the injured areas to restore strength and movement. Therapists design exercises that increase flexibility, improve balance and reduce stiffness. They craft a plan tailored to each patient’s unique needs, ensuring effective and targeted recovery.

Techniques used in physical therapy

Therapists use several techniques to help patients. Manual therapy involves manipulating joints and muscles to improve movement. Therapeutic exercises strengthen weakened muscles and restore joint function. Therapists may also use tools like ultrasound or electrical stimulation to reduce pain and encourage healing. These combined techniques not only help wounds heal but also ensure improved overall function.

Specialized wound care

Specialized wound care is needed to prevent infections and minimize scarring. Medical professionals clean wounds properly and use advanced dressings to promote healing. They monitor the wound regularly to catch any signs of infection early and adjust treatment if needed.

Addressing psychological impacts

Recovering from a dog bite is not just about physical healing. Many victims experience emotional trauma like fear or anxiety after an attack. Therapists often suggest counseling or therapy to help manage these psychological effects, aiding the victim in regaining confidence and well-being.

Customized rehabilitation plans

The most effective recovery plans are customized for each individual. Physical therapists evaluate the severity of injuries, the patient’s health and their goals. Regular assessments ensure that rehabilitation plans remain relevant and adjust to changing needs. Individuals bitten by dogs may need to seek compensation to pay for the costs of recovery.

A strong rehabilitation strategy involves physical and emotional recovery, providing individuals with the support they need to return to everyday life with confidence and resilience.