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August 2015 Archives

Dangers of wrong-way accidents

Each year in New Jersey, many people read about or hear in the news about wrong-way accidents that occur on high-speed, divided highways. While these accidents are relatively rare, they are usually quite catastrophic, resulting in serious personal injuries and deaths.

Reducing dog bites still may not keep New Jersey residents safe

It has long been believed that learning to read a dog's body language could reduce the frequency of dog bites. However, new research from the University of Liverpool indicated that this might not be the case. In some dog bite incidents, the victim had no prior interaction with the animal, which made it impossible to read the dog's behavior ahead of time.

Drowsy driving technologies may reduce car crashes

No New Jersey motorist should ever drive while sleep-deprived. However, many people have no choice if they need to get somewhere or have to be in the car for a long period of time, especially if it is part of the job. In order to reduce the number of drowsy driving accidents, many companies have been designing new technology to alert drivers who may not be focusing on the road.

Contaminated eyewash water potential source of infection

Many individuals in New Jersey are employed in workplaces where an eyewash station is required. These facilities are required in any workplace where corrosive chemicals are used, in any HIV or hepatitis-B research facility and in any workplace with a significant risk of formaldehyde being splashed into an employee's eyes. A number of other medical and manufacturing facilities voluntarily maintain eyewash stations.

Amputations and new OSHA directive

Both employees and employers in New Jersey should be aware of a recent directive issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The directive updates the agency's policies on safety measures designed to reduce the number of workplace amputation injuries from unguarded machinery.

Deadly mining accidents prompt more federal inspections

New Jersey residents may have heard about three mine workers who recently died in on-the-job accidents. The three separate incidents occurred in mines located in South Dakota, Nevada and Northern Virginia. In response to the incidents, the Mine Safety and Health Administration is calling to increase efforts to make mines safer places to work so there will be less chances for fatal mining accidents.

OSHA proposes revised beryllium exposure limit

Some New Jersey residents may be unfamiliar with beryllium. This metal has properties that make it useful to aerospace and electronics manufacturers, but it can cause serious health issues for workers when it is ground into dust and inhaled. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration set acceptable limits for beryllium exposure in 1971, but subsequent efforts to raise this limit have met with no success due to bureaucratic delays and opposition from the business community.

Nursing: A high-risk occupation for beginners

Health care professionals in New Jersey may be interested in a recent report regarding the dangers of nursing. The study, which was conducted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded RN Work Project, found that freshly licensed nurses face a higher risk of on-the-job injuries than their more-experienced counterparts.

Employers hit by costs for painkiller abuse by injured workers

The widespread use of prescription opioid painkillers to treat injured workers has created a growing problem for employers in New Jersey and across the country. A study on the subject, published by the National Safety Council, revealed that opioid drugs accounted for over 25 percent of prescription drug costs billed through workers' compensation insurance.

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