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Deadly mining accidents prompt more federal inspections

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2015 | Workplace Injuries

New Jersey residents may have heard about three mine workers who recently died in on-the-job accidents. The three separate incidents occurred in mines located in South Dakota, Nevada and Northern Virginia. In response to the incidents, the Mine Safety and Health Administration is calling to increase efforts to make mines safer places to work so there will be less chances for fatal mining accidents.

According to the report, the miners all died on Aug. 3 during work hours. A representative from the Mine Safety and Health Administration said that the recent mining deaths are concerting. He also stated that in the 30 days prior to the fatalities, five other people died while working in nonmetal and metal industries, and that three mine fatalities occurring in one day has not taken place since 2002.

Following the mining fatalities, the MSHA stated that authorities with the U.S. Department of Labor plan to increase mine inspections, focusing on safety violations that can lead to mining fatalities. Through programs such as walk and talks, inspectors with the federal agency will educate mine operators and their employees on ways to prevent workplace injuries and deaths and teaching safety precautions.

Workers’ compensation claims generally provide injured workers with benefits that can include a percentage of wages lost while they were recovering from the injuries incurred in a workplace accident as well as medical treatment. Similarly, families of employees who have died in an on-the-job accident have a right to file a claim for death and burial benefits. A workers’ compensation attorney may be beneficial in helping families under these circumstances secure the full amount of their due benefits.

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