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Baseball season begins with fan’s accident in guard rail fall

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2014 | Premises Liability, Slip & Fall Accidents

New Jersey residents might not like the Mets or the Toronto Blue Jays, but what recently happened to a fan at a baseball game between those teams impacts sports fans everywhere. Why? Because sports fans pay money to watch a game and have a good time. They should be reasonably safe while on the premises of a sports arena.

On March 29, a fan was getting into the spirit of the MLB baseball season when his enthusiasm was cut short. The man reportedly fell over a guard rail at a Canadian stadium and suffered serious injures in the fall accident.

Being that there were many other spectators at the exhibition baseball game, there are witnesses who saw the victim fall and get hurt. Obviously it was a shocking experience for the witnesses. Besides shock, it would be helpful if those who were there could provide insight into what might have happened.

It is not right to assume that the fall at stadium was the fan’s fault alone. Making any assumptions before investigators fully assess the situation and stadium conditions could set it up so another person gets injured in a similar accident.

Visitors at a stadium are owed proper levels of security and safety. For example, if the guard rail was not tall or sturdy enough, the stadium owners could be held liable in a premises liability lawsuit. Maybe the victim tripped or slipped on pavement that should have been cleared or fixed. That is just one other example of how a property owner’s negligence could cause a victim to fall and get hurt.

The baseball season has barely begun and a fan is already injured. If victims of negligence speak out and work with a personal injury attorney, they can hold negligent parties accountable and help create safer communities, including baseball stadiums.

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