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Work-Related Transportation Accidents

If you were injured in a traffic accident during work hours, are you covered by workers’ compensation insurance or by auto insurance? You may get different answers from your employer and your insurance agent, and you might in fact be entitled to both.

To get straight answers and maximum compensation, you can turn to Smith Magram Michaud Colonna, P.C. Our Burlington law firm handles all types of work injuries, including work-related transportation accidents. Our attorneys represent employees in South Jersey and Central New Jersey in workers’ compensation claims and applicable claims under other sources of insurance.

Injured In An On-Duty Vehicle Accident?

We represent over-the-road truck drivers, delivery drivers, sanitation and utility workers, heavy equipment operators, landscaping workers and other employees injured on the job in accidents involving work trucks and company vehicles. We also represent sales staff, administrative assistants and other people injured in their own vehicles in a work-related capacity.

If you were on duty, you are covered by New Jersey workers’ compensation. This entitles you to medical benefits, wage benefits and disability benefits, depending on your injuries. However, employers or their insurers may challenge whether you were on the job at the time. If you run a work errand on your lunch break, are you on duty? If you are injured on your way to work, are you covered? Are you “at work” while traveling between job sites?

Our certified workers’ compensation specialist* can advise on your eligibility for transportation-related injuries:

  • Traffic accidents in a company vehicle
  • Traffic accidents in your own vehicle
  • Truck driver injuries at loading docks
  • Parking lot accidents at your workplace
  • Pedestrian injuries on duty

In many cases, clients have additional recourse beyond workers’ comp. If you were involved in a collision on duty — while driving a company vehicle or your own — you may have a personal injury claim against the other driver the same as if you were off-duty. That claim may pay damages not covered by workers’ compensation, such as pain and suffering or loss of projected earnings.

We Handle Workers’ Comp And Personal Injury

We understand that every dollar of compensation matters if you can’t work and you are dealing with lasting injuries from a job-related accident. Our Burlington injury lawyers provide a free initial consultation. Call us toll free at 609-589-0649 or email us.

*Attorney Edward Magram is certified as a specialist in workers’ compensation by the New Jersey Supreme Court.