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Amusement Park Injury Attorneys In Burlington, New Jersey

Amusement parks often provide excellent recreational value to families and groups of young people. They are also sometimes the scenes of accidents including:

Injuries may range from minor to severe — and in some cases, result in fatalities. An attorney on your side can help discover the true cause of your amusement park accident and pursue compensation on your behalf.

Did Negligent Amusement Park Staff Members Contribute To Dangerous Circumstances?

Accidents at carnivals and amusement parks often happen in environments full of rowdy crowds and fast rides. Other recreational areas such as boardwalks are also scenes of accidents that cause injuries to visitors.

What are the causes of amusement park injuries? Some factors that have come up in past cases have included:

  • Language barriers and training deficiencies when young people from other countries come to work the rides and concession stands
  • Failure of negligent amusement park staff members to enforce rules such as minimum height for riders of roller coasters and other fast rides
  • Crowded conditions
  • Lack of hand rails where they are needed for safety

To recover compensation for your injuries, you may have cause to file a premises liability claim or another appropriate lawsuit.

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