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Criminal charges filed against cop over dog bite incident

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2014 | Animal Bites & Attacks

Feeling threatened by an aggressive animal is often a terrible emotion to endure. If and when the animal lashes out, permanent scars and other reminders from animal attacks can cause a lifetime of heartache. It’s bad enough when a person is merely liable for an incident because of their negligence; it’s another matter, though, when a dog bite incident is something encouraged by the animal’s handler.

That’s what one New Jersey woman is alleging happened to her. In January, police officers were attempting to pull over a motorist in Ocean County. According to reports, the woman kept going, only stopping when she reached an apartment complex. The woman was arrested there, but the officer who was trying to pull the woman over initially followed the woman to the scene. According to prosecutors, the officer then allowed his police dog to bite the woman.

The officer has now been charged with aggravated assault for his alleged role in the incident. He turned himself into authorities after being charged. According to the charges, not only did the officer allow the K-9 to bite the woman, but the man falsified his reports about the incident in an attempt to conceal what had actually gone on.

While the victim of the dog bite would likely welcome criminal charges, she might be inclined to file a personal injury lawsuit as well. Medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost income could all result from a dog bite or other animal attack, and victims may wish to seek compensation as a result.

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