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Several people and organizations face suit after New Jersey crash

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2014 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents

An alleged drunk driver and several other entities have been named as defendants in a civil suit regarding a hit-and-run crash in 2010. The accident reportedly occurred when the driver failed to stop for nine pedestrians; one lawyer is filing this suit for a family of three who suffered serious injuries. The crash happened on Route 210 South after a soccer game at the New Meadowlands Stadium between Mexico and Ecuador. The defendants listed in the suit include the stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority and Major League Soccer.

Those cited reportedly face liability for reasons including lack of signage indicating walkways, failing to secure walkways, failing to provide directions for parking or exiting the stadium and serving alcohol to those clearly intoxicated. The 21-year-old driver faced criminal charges for DWI, aggravated assault by vehicle and leaving the scene of a crime resulting in injury. He pleaded not guilty in 2010 and was found guilty on the charge of leaving the scene of an accident, and his court costs and fines totaled $2,506.

The plaintiffs reportedly suffered permanent and serious injuries, and the economic loss incurred due to medical care will continue in the future, according to the claim. The family seeks punitive damages, the cost of the suit and interest; the 17 counts in the claim include negligence, assault and battery by vehicle, loss of consortium and liquor law liability.

As this case shows, those injured in a pedestrian accident can seek compensation from multiple parties when their negligent actions caused injury. Companies that employ a driver or host an event might be liable when accidents happen because of a worker or on their property, and parties may offer a settlement or go to trial. When seeking restitution from multiple defendants, consulting an attorney may be necessary.

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