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October 2014 Archives

New Jersey man faces drunk driving charges for fatal wreck

Middlesex authorities report that a 24-year-old man is facing DWI charges after allegedly driving drunk and causing the death of another individual in a crash in Woodbridge on Oct. 19. The man's charges include driving while intoxicated and death by auto.

Preventing muscle and nerve injuries in the workplace

Although workers from New Jersey may have to contend with many possible forms of workplace injury, musculoskeletal disorders can be some of the most long-lasting and difficult to manage. This range of disorders can have a wide ranging impact not the body, especially in the back, neck and extremities. MSDs are most often caused by lifting heavy objects, uncomfortable posture while working long periods of time or reaching beyond what is comfortable.

What is workers' compensation and how does it work?

New Jersey provides workers' compensation benefits to individuals who have been harmed or injured at or due to their jobs. This compensation includes coverage of medical care, up to 70 percent of lost wages due to recovery time and may also include monetary awards if someone is disabled as a result of their injury.

Motorcycle fatalities in New Jersey

The safety of the New Jersey highway system depends upon both the infrastructure and the drivers that use it. Unfortunately, motorcycle fatalities have increased 33 percent nationwide since 2003, and 77 people in New Jersey lost their lives on motorcycles in 2012 alone. It is unknown how much of this increase is due to issues with the cyclists, issues with the road or issues with other drivers.

Owner of New Jersey warehouse charged in worker's electrocution

New Jersey police have charged the owner of a South Brunswick warehouse with obstructing an investigation after he allegedly lied about the circumstances of an employee's electrocution. Investigators claim the owner's actions not only endangered his employees, but also the emergency crews who responded to the accident.

New Jersey personal injury and dog bite cases

The Center for Disease Control released some statistics regarding dog bites in the United States, and the information reveals that nearly 4.5 million people suffer dog bites every year in this country. Not all of these bites are serious, but it was reported that 885,000 of these victims do seek medical attention, and half of them are children. Approximately 27,000 of those had reconstructive surgery in 2012.

Man held for DUI and weapons charges after multi-car crash

Egg Harbor Township Police have charged a New Jersey man with numerous weapons offenses and driving while intoxicated after he allegedly ran his vehicle into cars stopped at a traffic light just before 8 a.m. on Oct. 8. The man was unable to stop his 2008 Mercedes Benz and crashed into a 2014 Ford Focus, setting off a chain of accidents involving three other vehicles.

Wal-Mart blames Tracy Morgan, other passengers for their injuries

Despite initial assurances from Wal-Mart that they would take full responsibility for the New Jersey accident that injured Tracy Morgan and killed a passenger in the limousine in which they were riding, a responsive filing by the retailer in the federal lawsuit partly blamed both Morgan and the other injured passengers for failing to wear their seat belts. The filing was made in response to a federal lawsuit initiated by Morgan in July following the fatal crash that occurred in June.

New Jersey tractor-trailer accident kills 1, injures 1

A Sept. 26 accident in New Jersey left one person dead and hospitalized another. According to authorities, the Teaneck incident occurred at about 5 a.m. in the northbound lanes of Interstate 95 at the Interstate 80 junction.

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