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Pedestrian-auto accident in Manchester

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2015 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents

A 79-year-old man in a Lincoln Town Car ran into a 83-year-old woman who was attempting to negotiate a New Jersey crosswalk on foot. The accident happened on March 30 and was not fatal to the woman, though she required medical treatment at a local facility.

The woman was struck by the car as she attempted to walk across County Road 530 in her town of residence, Manchester Township. She was entirely inside the crosswalk at the time that she was hit. The car knocked her over, and she suffered injuries as she fell, but none of them were considered to be life threatening. She was taken to the Community Medical Center in nearby Toms River for treatment of her bruises and examination of her left arm, which may possibly have been broken.

The man driving the Town Car, also a resident of Manchester, was not hurt in the accident. The police stated that he was wearing his seat belt when the collision happened. There will be a police investigation into the accident.

Any victim of a crosswalk injury should strongly consider contacting an attorney and exploring their opportunities for legal redress. It is rare for a pedestrian who was inside the crosswalk to be entirely at fault for the accident, but it is normal for them to suffer the lion’s share of the injuries. The attorney may be able to help them contact the driver who was responsible for their wounds and file a suit requiring them to pay fair compensation for the pain and suffering, medical costs, debility and loss of economic earning power that resulted from the collision.

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