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Preventing injuries from hot work

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2016 | Workers' Compensation

Many people in New Jersey perform work that is classified as hot work by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Hot work is work that involves burning, welding, grinding and soldering. These kinds of jobs expose workers to risks of injury from contact with hot metals, sparks or fire. There is also a risk of explosion if gas and other flammable materials are being used in the hot work.

OSHA recommends mitigating the risks of hot work by performing the work in safe locations that are cleared of any potential fire hazards. Guards can also be used to keep sparks and heat confined to a controlled area. In case of emergency, workers should have easy access to fire extinguishers when hot work is being done.

An employer should designate one employee to be a guard while hot work is being done, according to OSHA. The guard can watch for sparks and fires and check the work area with a gas detector every so often so that gas accumulation will not lead to burns. OSHA advises people that are doing grinding work to wear personal protective equipment that can help to protect them from injuries caused by metal filings and sparks.

People can sustain very serious burns while they are doing hot work, and the burns may require hospitalization. A worker who has lost valuable workdays due to a burn injury may decide to contact an attorney who can assist them with filing a workers’ compensation claim. If there was a third party involved in a work accident, a lawyer may be able to help the injured worker claim additional compensation by aiding him or her in filing a personal injury complaint.