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Landscapers and workplace safety

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2017 | Workplace Injuries

Being a landscaper in New Jersey can dangerous due to the repetitive and difficult work, heat exposure and hazardous equipment that is common to the profession. However, there are many safety and health procedures landscapers can keep in mind to ensure their own well-being.

Incidents can occur at any time while working as a landscaper, and these can include amputations, slips and falls and cuts. An estimated 200 landscaper service workers die each year from workplace injuries. This is why proper training and wearing the appropriate personal protection equipment mandated by OSHA is so important.

In 2012, there were over 65,000 occurrences of workplace head injuries. Hard hats should be worn when working below machinery and other workers as well as under or in trees or any other situations in which there may be falling debris.

The attire landscapers wear is also important. Since vehicle accidents are a main cause of injury to landscapers, they should dress to increase their visibility while on the job. Landscapers should wear brightly colored, reflective vests in order to be easily seen by drivers. If they are working within 15 feet of a street that gets lots of traffic, there should a warning sign posted on the shoulder of the road.

Proper attire also includes hearing protection devices and safety glasses. Good footwear is also essential as it can stop slips and provide protection for toes from extreme temperatures.

A personal injury attorney should be contacted if an incident occurs at work that results in workplace injuries. A lawyer may advise an injured employee about workers’ compensation, which may be used for medical expenses, rehabilitation and lost wages.