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What should I do after a dog bite injury?

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2017 | Animal Bites & Attacks

Most New Jersey residents can’t imagine their dogs biting another person, but we must remember that dogs are animals and therefore unpredictable. In fact, nearly 5 million Americans suffer a dog bite injury each year and half of the victims are kids.

Maybe you’re right and your dog might not be the type to attack another person, but that doesn’t mean the animals owned by your family and friends are safe. Most bite victims were harmed by a dog they actually knew.

Dog bite first aid tips

If you or a loved one suffer a dog bite injury, there are several things you should do:

— Use a clean towel on the wound to help stop bleeding.

— Elevate the injured area.

— Wash the wound with clean water and soap.

— Use sterile bandaging to keep the wound clean.

— Use antibiotic cream daily to speed healing and prevent infection.

— Visit a doctor to check on the seriousness of the wound.

— Make sure to see the doctor as soon as possible or visit the emergency room if the bleeding will not stop, if the dog was unfamiliar, if it’s a deep wound, or if you see signs of infection.

Gather the right information for your doctor’s visit

At the doctor’s office, you’re doctor will likely want information about the dog owner, if the dog has all its vaccinations (like rabies), if the victim provoked the dog, and what health conditions you have. This information will also be important to provide if police ask questions pertaining to the incident.

Pursuing a dog bite injury claim in civil court

Victims of dog bites in New Jersey may have legal recourse to seek financial restitution for the costs and financial damages stemming from their medical care. Other costs and financial damages may include lost income due to time spent unable to work, permanent disfigurement, pain and suffering, rehabilitation services costs, legal fees, court costs and more.

If you or a loved one were hurt by a dog in New Jersey, a personal injury lawyer can help you evaluate whether you have a viable claim to seek financial compensation in court.

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