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What to know about robot injuries

On Behalf of | May 9, 2017 | Workplace Injuries

Robots serve several different functions for those who live or work in New Jersey. For instance, they may be used to chop vegetables, help with animal grooming or even provide assistance building other robots. In some cases, robots are used by hospitals to distribute medicine or provide general supervision to elderly patients in nursing homes. However, there are instances in which robots are responsible for injuring or killing people.

There are several ways in which a robot can kill or injure a person. For example, a part may fall off of a robot and land inside of a patient during surgery. If a robot were to spark, it could burn anyone that was in the area. Those who are repairing or maintaining robotic equipment may be injured when the machine starts unexpectedly. Workers in a robotic cell may face increased risks because most work cannot be down without the power on.

When an accident involving a robot occurs, several different parties could be liable. If the robot had a defect, the manufacturer may be liable for any injuries or deaths that it causes. One woman won a confidential settlement from a company in a products liability case involving claims that its surgical system led to a botched hysterectomy.

Those who suffer a workplace injury may face a lengthy recovery time. Workers’ compensation benefits may make it possible for an injured worker to recover a portion of his or her salary as well as receive reimbursement for any medical bills incurred. Those who have had their claims denied or have more questions about their case may wish to talk with an attorney.