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Amusement park accidents and liability

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2017 | Premises Liability

Manufacturers of equipment used in amusement parks in New Jersey and throughout the country carry insurance policies to protect them in case someone is injured on a ride. While these types of accidents are not common, they can be costly for the park and manufacturer and serious for the injured person.

In 2017 in California, a 10-year-old boy suffered minor injuries when he was thrown onto concrete from a water slide on a park’s opening day. The park had to close some areas. In a much more serious case in Kansas, a 10-year-old was killed when on a water ride in 2016. The reported settlement was around $20 million although the exact amount is unknown. The liability was shared between the raft manufacturers and the park owners and operators.

Determining who is at fault is one element in a case involving an amusement park injury. Manufacturers may carry general liability insurance as well as excess liability and professional liability exposure. However, an accident may also be the fault of the ride operator. The operator might ignore weight limits or fail to strap a person in safely.

There may be other types of accidents for which the property owner may be responsible. For example, slip and fall accidents may involve icy, wet, uneven or cluttered walkways that the owner should have cleared. A person might suffer a serious injury in such an accident, and medical costs could be significant. If the accident occurred because of the owner’s negligence and the victim does not receive enough compensation from the insurance company, a lawsuit may be necessary. People who are injured on property belonging to another person or entity might want to speak to an attorney about their rights.