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Ankle injuries caused by slip-and-fall accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2017 | Premises Liability

One of the many possible results of a slip-and-fall accident is an ankle injury. These injuries, which may vary in degree of severity, can cause mobility issues and significant pain. A New Jersey resident dealing with ankle injuries caused by the negligence of another party may have a basis for a personal injury lawsuit.

Understanding the anatomy and physiology of the foot is important for those overcoming ankle injuries. The ankle joint is made up of tendons, three bones and the synovium. The connection point of the tree bones, which include the talus, fibula and tibia, forms the ankle joint. The joint is maintained by a network of many tendons and ligaments.

The type of ankle injury an individual sustains depends on the type of damage that occurs to the bones, ligaments, synovium or tendons. The treatment and the amount of time needed for recovery will be determined by the type of injury and its severity.

Stretched or injured ligaments can result in an ankle sprain or strain. Not only is this very painful, it can take months to recover full function of the ankle. An ankle fracture is another injury that can be caused by a slip-and-fall accident. The fracture occurs when the talus or one of the lower leg bones in the ankle joint with the talus has been broken. Individuals with ankle fractures should expect a very long recovery time. There are also cases in which some individuals may not regain the full function of a fractured ankle.

A personal injury attorney may advocate on behalf of individuals who have been injured from slip-and-fall accidents caused by negligent property owners. Under premises liability law, a property owner may be held financially liable for icy sidewalks, inadequate lighting, wet floors and any other hazardous conditions.