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Signs, labels and workplace safety

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2017 | Workplace Injuries

With the proper use of safety signs and labels, businesses in New Jersey can alert their workers about possible safety hazards in the workplace. However, it is important that the messages on the signs and labels are easy to understand.

There are technologies that companies can use to design and print their own signs and labels, instead of ordering them and waiting for them to arrive. Desktop printers can be used to print long-lasting, full-color labels whenever the need arises. This includes heavy-duty film labels that can have special topcoats applied by laser or inkjet printers and that can self-laminate. The technology used for making safety labels and signs is also good for the environment. Improvements made in the processes for production equipment and manufacturing within just the last few years have resulted in the use of less resources.

When placing safety labels and signs, posting too many around the workplace can distract workers more than it can inform them. Also, the distance at which a message has to be viewed should be a primary consideration when the size of a sign is being chosen. For labels, the appropriate type of material should be used. Different label materials are designed to hold up under certain conditions and environments. There are labels suited for excessive temperatures, chemical exposures, exterior applications and more. The replacement of signs and labels and wasting time and money that were spent creating them can be avoided by selecting the right material.

Even when all safety protocols are rigorously followed, workplace accidents will unfortunately continue to happen. Most employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance coverage for the benefit of their employees, and a person who has been injured on the job might want to meet with an attorney to learn how to apply for benefits.