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Recent amusement park accident highlights dangers

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2017 | Premises Liability

Have you ever ridden a roller coaster ride and felt like the seat wasn’t properly made, there was a problem with the seatbelt or a part may be malfunctioning? Many people have experienced this kind of situation. In most cases, riders escape unharmed, but this doesn’t mean accidents don’t happen.

Perhaps when you were riding a roller coaster, the seat restraint failed and during a tight turn you were ejected from the ride. Or, perhaps you hit and broke your arm as the ride was speeding past a dangerously placed support beam. Even worse, maybe a close family member of yours died as a result of a faulty amusement park ride.

A recent event at an amusement park in neighboring New York illustrates the dangers associated with theme park rides.

Teenage girl dangled by her arms from 25 feet in the air

At the Six Flags amusement park in Queensbury, New York, a teenage girl found herself dangling by her arms from 25 feet in the air on an amusement park ride. Onlookers moved swiftly into action by calling out words of support and gathering below the girl.

A man and his daughter positioned themselves under the girl and the man told her that he would catch her. Amazingly, when gravity became too much, and she lost her grip, the crowd below the girl caught her. Miraculously, she didn’t suffer a single injury.

Onlookers caught the suspenseful incident on video. It was lucky that the teen didn’t fall from the ride earlier where it was suspended much higher from the ground.

Not all amusement park riders are lucky

There have been numerous instances of amusement park riders in New Jersey and other areas of the country suffering death or catastrophic injury as a result of a dangerous amusement park ride.

It is important for injured riders — and family members of injured riders — to realize that the theme park company may be liable to pay for damages stemming from these incidents. Indeed, a theme park may need to pay for the injured rider’s medical care or end of life expenses and other financial damages in the case of a fatal accident.