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Dog aggression must be carefully managed by the dog’s owner

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2017 | Animal Bites & Attacks

Dog attacks are caused by a variety of factors. One thing that can make a dog dangerous is if the dog has any aggression. Anyone who owns a dog must pay close attention to the dog’s behavior, especially if the dog has shown any signs of hostility.

Not all dog aggression presents in the same manner. There are many different types of aggression that these pets might have, and many of them require different strategies to manage. Here are some points that anyone who is near dogs should remember:

Signs of aggression

A dog that is acting aggressively will often show specific signs. These include lunging at a person or object, barking, biting, growling, snarling or snapping. Avoiding the dog when it is showing those behaviors might help to avoid an attack. Of course, not all dogs will show these signs before they attack.

Reasons for aggressive behavior

One common reason for a dog to act in an aggressive manner is when it is injured. Pain, which isn’t always noticed by humans, can cause a dog to snap. Even the owner should be careful about handling the dog when the dog is injured.

Feeling threatened or frustrated can also lead to aggression. This can occur if a dog is being teased or taunted. When the animal is cornered, it might feel threatened, which can lead to the dog trying to defend itself. Many people don’t think about it, but even having the pet on a leash can lead to aggression because the animal might be forced to meet a person or another animal head-on. Dogs prefer to meet from the side, which is a natural behavior.

Resource guarding is another problem that can lead to an attack. Some dogs don’t want anyone or anything coming around their food or toys. This is one thing that parents should be aware of.

Children shouldn’t be left alone with a dog, partially because of the possibility of resource guarding. Another reason is because of predatory behaviors, especially when the child is smaller than the dog.

Territorial and protective aggression might also occur. This has to do with dogs trying to protect their home, puppies or even trusted humans.

When dog attacks occur

A person who is attacked by a dog needs to seek medical care. Contacting animal control to report the attack is also necessary. When all is said and done, it is advisable for the victim to speak to a personal injury lawyer to learn about his or her options for seeking compensation.