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Notifying the insurance agency after a car crash

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2018 | Car Accidents

For motorists in New Jersey, going through a car crash can be an extremely traumatic experience. From the immediate injuries and damages to the extensive followup required to secure compensation, car accidents can lead to a lot of stress. That’s why it’s important for motorists to be prepared and understand what to do in the moments and days following an auto crash.

While the first priority after any car accident is dealing with any emergency medical situations and seeking treatment, the second step is often to contact one’s auto insurer. This is a key step in pursuing compensation for personal injuries and property damage suffered in a crash. It is generally necessary to report an accident to one’s own insurer, even if one is not at fault for the crash.

On some occasions, an accident victim may suffer additional injuries and expenses that insurance will not fully cover. In these cases, it could be necessary to file a lawsuit in a timely manner. In New Jersey, personal injury claims have a statute of limitations of two years. In other words, the claim must be filed before the two-year anniversary of the crash has passed.

People who have been injured in an auto accident due to other drivers’ drunk, distracted or dangerous driving can seek advice and representation from a personal injury lawyer. An attorney can work with a victim in order to help them seek compensation for missed wages, medical costs, pain and suffering and other damages suffered due to the accident.