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The benefits of wearable tech in construction

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2018 | Workplace Injuries

Wearable safety technology may soon become more of a staple in the construction industry throughout New Jersey and the rest of the U.S. This could be seen as good news as construction has been called the second least digitized industry in America.

The current lack of digital technology may be a major factor in the high rate of workplace injuries and illnesses. Every year, U.S. companies pay out more than $250 billion in insurance claims over workplace injuries and illnesses. As a solution, many are introducing sensor technology.

In early 2017, Triax Technologies launched a line of sensors that go on workers’ tool belts and track their movements. They also come with an emergency locator button in case of accidents. If the wearer slips, trips or falls, the sensor will log information such as how far he or she fell and who else was in the area. The sensors connect online to a network, allowing safety personnel to provide immediate attention.

Insurers are starting to endorse the manufacturers of similar devices. For example, AIG has invested in the work of Human Condition Safety, which produces tracking devices that are embedded in construction workers’ vests. Wearable tech can improve the industry by mitigating accidents, helping in the claims process and leveraging insurance benefits.

Construction duties are full of hazards, and workplace accidents are all too common. Victims of such accidents could potentially file for workers’ compensation. This is where a lawyer can come in to ensure maximum benefits. Legal representation could be even more crucial if the victim believes that the employer’s negligence, or a co-worker’s recklessness, caused the accident. This could lead to a personal injury claim.