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Aggressive driving is a big problem for everyone on the road

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2018 | Car Accidents

There are many dangerous types of driving. Drunk, distracted and fatigued driving are three that come to mind quickly. There is another one that you might not think about very often — aggressive driving.

Aggressive drivers can injure or kill innocent people. Whether this type of driving is a result of road rage or rushing and speeding, the consequences can be the same.

What types of behaviors are aggressive?

Aggressive drivers are those who drive too fast, tailgate other vehicles and drive in a manner that disregards safety. Speeding, tailgating and weaving through traffic are all examples of this. Some drivers who are behaving this way will try to block cars from passing them or punish other drivers on the road. They may run red lights and otherwise disregard traffic laws. Road rage also falls under this category.

How can drivers prevent aggressive behaviors?

Sometimes it is impossible for drivers to prevent getting angry, but aggressive driving can always be controlled. Drivers have to learn how to control their anger when behind the wheels of cars, which are swiftly moving weapons when not handled responsibly. When things get tense or someone upsets you, take a step back and remember that your safety and that of everyone else around you is more important than acting out your anger.

No matter what is going on, drivers should follow the rules of the road. Drive the speed limit, use your turn signals and remember to respect the other drivers who share the road with you. Try not to leave home at the last minute since you might be tempted to rush to make it to your destination on time.

What happens if you are struck by an aggressive driver?

Being hit by an aggressive driver is a scary event, in part because you don’t know how he or she will react to the accident. With road rage so common these days, you must make sure that you think of your safety first. Contacting 911 right away is probably a good idea. Let the dispatcher know that this is an aggressive driving accident and tell emergency services that the other party is acting violently. If possible, you might want to stay in your vehicle until the police arrive. Once you get medical care, it will be in your interest to look into your legal options for seeking compensation for the accident.