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Taking action after being injured on a roller coaster

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2018 | Premises Liability

Visiting an amusement park in the state of New Jersey can be a lot of fun. While rides can seem scary and adrenaline boosting, they are designed to be completely safe, and amusement parks must have certain safety procedures in place to prevent any type of injury on the premises.

If you were injured in an amusement park in the state of New Jersey, it is important that you understand the legal rights you have in taking action. Whether the accident was a minor one such as a sprained ankle or a more serious one such as a back injury or severe whip lash, by taking action you are standing up for your rights and making it less likely that other amusement park visitors will have to suffer in the same way that you did.

When is the amusement park responsible for an injury on a roller coaster?

Because of the speeds, heights and potential risks involved with riding rollercoasters, amusement parks must make sure that everything is completely safe and conduct frequent safety checks. Some of the safety precautions that must be observed by amusement parks include having height restrictions on certain rides. If a person does not meet that height restrictions and is allowed to ride regardless, the amusement park will be liable for any injury.

The amusement park staff also has the responsibility to check that all roller coaster passengers can fit safely into the harnesses, and that the harnesses are functional. If a passenger is not secured, very serious injuries can result, including fatal ones.

Under negligence law, the amusement park has the duty to do whatever is reasonable to keep visitors safe. If an injury occurred because the amusement park did not fulfill their duty to do what is reasonable to prevent or foresee potential incidents, then they will very likely be liable for the injury.

If you have become injured in an amusement park in the state of New Jersey, it is likely that you have undergone a great deal of pain and suffering. It is important that you take action so that you can get the justice that you deserve.