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10 tips for preventing slip-and-falls this winter

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2018 | Premises Liability

The cold, wet and icy winter season is almost officially here and New Jersey is already starting to show the signs. One of the biggest problems with the winter months — from a personal injury law perspective — is the threat of slippery trips and falls.

If you’d like to prevent injuries during the coldest months of the year, the following tips could save your body – and your life:

Wear slip-resistant shoes and boots. These will make sure your feet stay where you want them to, rather than having them slip out from underneath you.

Walk carefully and slowly. Once you’ve put on your no-slip shoes, you also need to be mindful of where and how you walk.

Beware of slippery surfaces when getting out of cars. Vehicle drivers and passengers are often surprised by a slippery patch of ice when exiting a vehicle.

Don’t carry heavy items when it’s icy and snowy. Heavy and awkward items will throw you off balance and make you more prone to injuries.

Black ice is your enemy. When you’re walking through a parking lot or driving down the road, keep your eyes open for black ice. This is ice mixed with grease, oil and slippery grime and it’s extra slippery.

Report ice build-up to authorities: Ice build-up could be an issue that local authorities need to resolve. Make sure to report these problems so that you and others will not be at risk of slipping on them.

Remember this phrase: “Ice and snow, take it slow!” Keeping this phrase fresh in your mind during New Jersey’s winter season will help you remember that speed is not an advantage when snow and ice are present.

Move to Florida: Of course, this is a joke, but if you have the means to spend a few weeks in Florida, why not bypass the snow and enjoy a little bit of warm weather fun during the coldest part of winter?

If you find yourself suffering from winter-related slip-and-fall injuries, you may want to determine if another party — such as a New Jersey property owner — caused your fall and injuries as a result of negligence. When the right factual circumstances are present, you could have a viable claim for damages.