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Safety concerns persist with driverless cars

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Car Accidents

Autonomous cars are being developed by automakers like Ford, GM, Tesla, Toyota and Volvo. Google started testing systems for driverless cars back in 2009, and Waymo is managing them in Arizona. All of this shows that self-driving cars are becoming more and more of a reality, yet New Jersey residents should know about the many safety concerns.

For example, Uber launched its autonomous car program in 2016 in California. The cars had drivers in them, but soon they were being pulled over for running red lights. Eventually, the state ordered Uber to end the program. Uber has a similar program in Arizona. That was where, back in March 2018, the first fatal crash involving a driverless car occurred. After that, the program was suspended indefinitely.

So far there seems to be a lack of oversight in regulating self-driving cars. The U.S. government has mostly relied on the developers to self-report on the matter of safety. Some states, such as California, have developed standards for safety and notification. While eliminating driver negligence, which is the cause of most accidents, is one reason to develop autonomous cars, it must be admitted that some manufacturers are simply seeking profit. Many experts believe that automakers are rushing production and neglecting the proper testing.

What matters is that those who are injured in car accidents caused by driverless cars can still be eligible for compensation. Rather than filing the claim against the driver, victims may likely be filing it against the automakers themselves. It will be helpful for those who have been harmed to have the assistance of an experienced attorney throughout the process.