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Car accidents may cause hidden injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2019 | Car Accidents

When a car accident occurs, the impact of the collision is often far more harmful than victims realize at first. It is common for a victim to assess their injuries in the moments afterward and feel relief that they do not feel any significant pain or see signs of broken bones. They may even choose to avoid a follow-up medical examination.

Unfortunately, some serious injuries do not cause immediate pain and may not present any signs of harm, like bleeding or bruising. It is always important for every victim of a car accident to receive a professional medical examination, to identify hidden injuries before they create lasting pain and complications.

Delayed pain injuries can leave victims with permanent symptoms, and some of these injuries can even turn fatal with proper care. Skipping a medical examination may seem like a good way to save on medical costs, but the long-term effects often cost victims much more than a doctor’s bill.

Deadly delayed pain injuries

Many delayed pain injuries only cause ongoing pain or discomfort, but some can turn deadly without medical intervention.

If an accident damages a victim’s internal organs, for instance, the organ may continue to work normally for several days, but if the damage does not heal naturally, the organ will stop working entirely. One failed organ can cause the rest of a victim’s organs to fail, killing the victim painfully.

Internal bleeding is also deadly, and is easy to miss without a medical examination. Significant internal blood loss can turn deadly if the victim’s blood pressure drops too low, but a very small injury may also develop a life-threatening infection. Without professional medical care, victims may not realize they suffered these injuries until it is too late.

Injuries that may cause serious pain

A blow to the head, a spinal injury, or soft tissue damage may also take several hours or days to cause pain and discomfort, but once the pain sets in, these injuries are debilitating.

A blow to the head may cause a brain injury, which can impact a victim’s ability to function in their job and may even impact their personal or cognitive abilities. Without treatment, a brain injury may last for months, long enough for a victim to lose their job and potentially harm important personal relationships.

Spinal injuries may pinch or sever nerves, and without quick medical attention, a victim may suffer long-term tingling, aching, shooting pain, which may or may not go away over time.

Soft-tissue damage, often called whiplash, may not cause a victim any pain for several hours, but once the damaged muscles stiffen, a victim may not be able to move for days or even weeks.

Protecting the rights of victims

If you recently suffered delayed pain injuries in a car accident, you may need to file a personal injury claim in New Jersey to seek compensation for your medical expenses, missed income and other losses. With a strong legal strategy, you can rest assured that your rights will remain secure while you do the hard work of recovery from your injuries. Be sure to invest in your future and wellness by using high-quality legal resources as you fight for the compensation that you deserve.