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Head-on collision claims both drivers in Burlington County

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2019 | Car Accidents

No one ever imagines when they kiss their spouse, children or parents good-bye and head out for their work shift that it will be their last time doing so.

But since no one has a lease on life, any one of a number of unfortunate tragedies can occur. Recently, an early morning collision in Burlington County claimed the lives of both drivers.

Man on his way to work

According to the New Jersey State Police (NJSP), a New Jersey state correctional officer on his way to a shift at the Garden State Youth Correctional Facility was killed when a 71-year-old woman from Bear, Delaware, struck his vehicle head-on.

Both drivers died at the scene of the accident that occurred at 5:18 a.m. on Route 72 in Woodland Township one Saturday in July. The woman, who was driving a Chevrolet Equinox, crossed over the center line and struck the correctional officer’s vehicle.

The wreck shut down Route 72 in both directions for five hours. A NJSP officer announced that the investigation into the accident is ongoing.

Deadliest kind of accident

With few exceptions, head-on collisions are some of those most likely to be fatal to the occupants. Physics principles — Newton’s Laws of Motion — explain the incredible amount of damage that a human body can suffer when two vehicles strike one another head-on.

Sometimes, the drivers and/or their passengers are lucky enough to survive the initial impact of the crash. Even in that scenario, they could still be left with permanently disabling injuries. Wage-earners who previously were able to work and support their families now may be unable to continue working at all.

Economic cost can be quite high

If you were injured in a serious car accident, you may require substantial and expensive medical care for the rest of your life. Even those who have top-notch health insurance coverage may soon find that they lack the resources to secure and pay for the rehabilitative services and level of care that they need to return to at least a semblance of their pre-accident selves.

Filing a claim for damages is the first step to recovering any financial compensation for any losses you may have suffered.