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Child injured in zip lining accident sparks lawsuit

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2019 | Premises Liability

Hazardous conditions can cause injury and death in New Jersey and across the nation. Those responsible for the safety of others must take steps to mitigate the risk. This is especially true with certain activities such as zip lining. Since these recreational locations are often marketed to children and families, people who have been hurt as a Florida 10-year-old recently was should know what steps they must take in the aftermath.

In the accident, the boy fell 20 feet from a zip line. The child was not secured in the apparatus as he should have been. The accident was labeled by Florida’s Department of Agriculture to be due to operator error. In a video clip, the child is seen holding an object above his head while zip lining on a track. At the end of the track, he flew in the air and fell to the concrete.

The investigation found that the boy had not been adequately secured. The leg straps on the apparatus were not buckled, so the child held on as long as he could and subsequently fell. The equipment was not found to be deficient, and the facility has not had issues in prior inspections. The family has filed a lawsuit due to the child suffering severe injuries.

Visiting a park or an amusement area is meant to be an enjoyable day for a family, but that can be ruined if there is an accident. To make it worse, these incidents often occur because of a dangerous property condition that was left unaddressed. After this type of accident, it might be beneficial for those who were impacted to consider a legal filing to cover for all that was lost. A premises liability attorney may be able to help.