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Motorcyclist fatalities cross all ages

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists in New Jersey can enjoy some amazing scenery and the feeling of freedom as they ride on two wheels. However, bikers also face some of the most serious risks encountered on area roads and highways, and they remain highly vulnerable when involved in an accident due the inherent lack of physical protection around them. The risks they face range from poorly maintained and unsafe roads lined with potholes or other surface problems, car doors opening in their paths, drivers turning in front of them and more.

Records from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that between 2014 and 2018, a total of 339 motorcyclists in New Jersey were killed in motor vehicle accidents. These motorcycle enthusiasts spanned all age ranges showing that the risks play no favorites nor target any specific demographic group.

Motorcycle riding is a common hobby among people who may be retired or whose kids have grown up, leaving them with more time to enjoy riding again. Of the 339 riders who died in the five years spanning 2104 to 2018, 62 were in their 50s and another 29 were in their 60s or older. Riders in their 40s accounted for 54 of the total motorcyclist fatalities.

Younger riders were also involved in several of the tragic fatal accidents. Sixty-six bikers aged between 30 and 39 died between 2014 and 2018 while 99 bikers in their 20s lost their lives in accidents during those five years. Nine riders who were only 19 years old or younger also died in unfortunate accidents. Riders have the right to enjoy their sport and hobby and also have the right to seek assistance and compensation after an accident.