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What is dry drowning?

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2020 | Premises Liability

A pool accident can be any parents’ worst nightmare. When your kid is swimming, there are many concerns. Children may injure themselves jumping into the water or swallow water while splashing. Often, pool accidents have immediate consequences. Sometimes, however, you may not notice a problem until your child is home. 

WebMD describes this drowning complication as dry drowning. 

What are symptoms of dry drowning? 

Often, pool accidents can be severe. Pool accidents involving children can take place in a matter of seconds. Water can easily end up in a child’s airways and this can lead to drowning while at the pool. A condition known as dry drowning can also occur. Dry drowning or secondary drowning may occur in children. This is when water never reaches the lungs. Instead, the child’s vocal cords spasm or close up due to the water. 

A child suffering from this condition may have chest pain, trouble breathing, coughing or may feel extremely tired. With children, you may also notice that they have behavioral changes. They may be irritable or weak. This is due to less oxygen in the brain. 

Can doctors treat dry drowning? 

If a child has breathing problems after exiting the water, the child needs medical help. Physicians can take an x-ray of the chest. While at the hospital, a child can have his or her oxygen levels monitored. In severe cases, children may need breathing tubes. In cases where a child has symptoms of dry drowning, it is better to take him or her to the emergency room, rather than a pediatrician. The emergency room has the necessary equipment to handle the symptoms.