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Avoiding car accidents when driving in icy and wet conditions

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2020 | Car Accidents

Living in New Jersey means you are no stranger to driving in snowy and icy weather conditions. Though the weather elements enhance the scenery, they can reduce visibility, cause obstructions and lead to hazardous road conditions and tragic car accidents. Throw in other contributing factors, such as vehicle malfunctions, driver errors, impairments and distractions and the potential for catastrophic motor vehicle accidents and injuries increases the longer you drive.

Car accidents that occur due to extreme or inclement weather conditions do not absolve motorists of their responsibility to operate their vehicles safely. Though car collisions are common, extra caution is necessary to avoid accidents and stay safe while on the road.

Check the weather reports

The weather is not always unpredictable. Check the weather reports before you get in your vehicle so you can prepare for any adverse driving conditions, such as ice, sleet and snow accumulation that may interfere with your ability to operate your vehicle safely.

Pretrip your vehicle

Cold temperatures and wet driving conditions can affect your vehicle’s performance. Minimize potential accidents by assessing your car’s driving condition before you hit the road. Stay up-to-date on all repairs and maintenance needs and prepare your ride to prevent breakdowns and malfunctions that could jeopardize your safety.

Obey traffic laws

It is important to use caution and drive the right speed when there is water or snow on the streets. Allow yourself extra time when driving in snowy and icy conditions. Follow all traffic laws, speed limits and remain mindful of other motorists. Drive a little slower so you have enough time to react and maneuver your vehicle safely in slippery and icy areas.

Driving during in the rain or snow is already challenging enough when there are moisture and ice on the roads. Take your time and plan accordingly to keep you and your loved ones safe from catastrophic car accidents and trauma.