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Mitigating the impact of children dog bite injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2020 | Animal Bites & Attacks

Perhaps you are thinking of adding a canine to the family. Of particular concern is your kids’ safety. Children are the most vulnerable victims of dog bites. Though the benefits of having a furry family member are many, dogs do bite. In some cases, those attacks can lead to serious injury or even the death of a child.

Not all dog bites are dangerous, but that does not minimize the psychological and physical impact of attack injuries in children, especially those who are nine years old and younger. Here are some key things to consider about dog attack and bite injuries in children.

Physical trauma

Due to their smaller size, lack of awareness and knowledge and other factors, children are vulnerable to fractures, broken bones, lacerations, abrasions and crush injuries to their hands, arms, legs, feet and heads from dog attacks. Death is also an outcome in dog bite attacks where the physical and emotional trauma is too much for the child to recover from.

Mental trauma

While recovering from the physical trauma of dog bite attacks, children often experience feelings of fear, depression, withdrawal, anxiety and anger. The emotional impact of dog attacks and bites can result in lifelong behavioral issues and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Recovering from a dog bite attack presents challenges for young victims and their families. To avoid these concerns, provide proper supervision, teach your kids to respect pets and their boundaries and show them how to identify signs of adverse or aggressive dog behavior. Get immediate medical treatment and counseling after any attacks to improve the outcome.