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Do you know these delayed car accident injury symptoms?

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2021 | Car Accidents

A few days ago, you experienced a car accident while traveling New Jersey’s roads. You felt unharmed in the immediate aftermath, but did you truly emerge unscathed?

AICA Orthopedics describes deferred harm you may suffer after a motor vehicle collision. Note these injuries to help determine whether you have a legal case against a negligent party.

Neck pain

Depending on the force of the collision and how your body moved, you may have delayed neck pain. Common indications of whiplash, one of the most common car accident injuries, include soreness, stiffness, inflammation, limited range of motion and blurred vision. Besides whiplash, your neck pain could point to a spinal cord injury.

Back pain

Examples of delayed back pain you may experience after a motor vehicle accident include a herniated disc, soft tissue damage and sprains. If you experience tingling, numbness or pinched nerve pain, you may have misplaced vertebrae or spinal misalignment. If you think you may have a spinal injury or other back pain, have a physician examine you.


Have you experienced headaches since your accident? While most headaches suffered after a car accident do not lead to major complications, they could indicate a neck or head injury, blood clot, traumatic brain injury or concussion. You cannot take chances with a potential TBI, as you may not realize you have one. Have a doctor examine you to determine whether you need over-the-counter medication or medical intervention.

Stay tuned in to your body in the days and weeks ahead. A seemingly simple ache or twinge of pain could act as a symptom of something that requires medical attention.