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What are the biggest hazards at swimming pools?

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2021 | Premises Liability, Slip & Fall Accidents

Indoor pools are a blessing to many people in cold winter months, especially heated ones. They allow you to continue getting exercise or keeping up with your favorite water sports without having to worry about the cold air outside.

However, even a heated or indoor swimming pool can still pose a significant threat to swimmers. It is important to understand the sources of these hazards so you can act accordingly.

Always watch the water

The Healthy discusses some of the biggest hazards at swimming pools. First: always have a designated “water watcher” who knows not to distract themselves with things like electronics while on “duty”. Drowning does not look like what you see in Hollywood films. It often happens quickly and quietly, with drowning victims hardly making a sound.

One way to prevent tragic accidents like this is to have someone whose designated job is to watch the water. They cannot allow for any distractions while keeping an eye on the pool, as even the few seconds it takes to answer a text could result in the injury or death of a child.

Make it hard to access

Ease of access to a pool can cause danger, too. Children can easily get to above-ground pools via ladder or get through any non-secured fence to make it to the poolside, and it is far too easy for them to drown if left unattended.

Finally, beware of slippery decks. Never run or even walk quickly around a wet poolside area. If you slip and crack your head on the ground, you can then slip into the water unconscious and end up drowning.