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How does a TBI impact your personality?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2022 | Car Accidents, Commercial Vehicle Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents

After suffering from a car crash, you are also likely to suffer from a head injury. Head trauma – especially traumatic brain injuries (TBI) – are among the top injuries sustained during car accidents.

But how do TBIs affect you as a victim? Did you know that they can actually influence your personality?

Impact of frontal lobe damage

Mayo Clinic discusses the impact of TBIs on your personality. This often gets less attention than the physical effects of TBIs for numerous reasons, including a less thorough understanding of the ties between brain injury and personality traits or behavioral patterns.

Some ties are strong and clear, though. First of all, the frontal lobe helps people control their impulses. When this area ends up damaged due to a TBI, victims almost always experience a lowered ability to properly cope with and curb their impulsive thoughts or actions.

Lacking coping and control

This can lead to troublesome things like lashing out at loved ones, speaking without thinking, or doing other things without considering the consequences. Injuries to this area of the brain are also often tied to an increase in temper and an inability to control it, which many loved ones of TBI victims say is the hardest part to handle.

On top of this, TBI victims struggle with coping. In the face of strong emotions, they tend to break down or feel too overwhelmed to continue, which can cause a major issue in daily work scenarios.

The adjustment period after a crash differs from person to person, with some returning to their usual self within weeks or months. For others, it can take years, and the journey is a difficult one. This is why it helps to have financial support through compensation.