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Scene mapping is part of an investigation after a truck-car crash

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2022 | Car Accidents, Commercial Vehicle Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents

If you become the victim of a crash involving a large truck, your legal team will launch an investigation into the incident.

Professional accident reconstructionists may join your team, and scene mapping will be part of their effort to obtain evidence at the crash site.

About scene investigation

Police officers will mark the scene, indicating key areas with spray paint and flags. They will also take photos and prepare reports, but they rarely have time to gather all the evidence. Prompt investigation of a crash site is necessary because evidence left behind can disappear quickly due to passing traffic, wind and other weather issues. Also, trucking companies have lawyers who will begin their own investigation soon after the crash.

Types of evidence

Evidence left following a truck-car crash often includes:

  • Skid marks and tire tracks
  • Gouges in dirt or pavement
  • Damage to guard rails, telephone poles, curbs, trees and other objects
  • Fluid stains such as brake fluid, engine oil or blood
  • Vehicle debris
  • Glass from broken windshields
  • Cargo separated from the vehicles
  • Final resting positions of the vehicles

Scene mapping

Accident reconstructionists use surveying equipment to take measurements at the crash site in a task called scene mapping. They use the measurements to help prepare a diagram showing site conditions and the location of roadway evidence.

Cause of the crash

The reconstructions also inspect the roadway to find out whether a defect or design flaw contributed to the truck-car crash. In addition to the information the professionals can provide, the accident victim’s legal team will examine logbooks, GPS data, truck inspection reports and the black box to help determine fault.