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What are some dangers for children around a swimming pool?

On Behalf of | May 2, 2022 | Premises Liability

When planning the layout of your house, you may choose to add a swimming pool that you can use and invite other people over to swim with you.

However, there are some personal injury concerns with pools, especially when it comes to children. Learning about how swimming pool accidents happen and why some parts of a pool are dangerous can help you.

Lack of fencing and signs

According to Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute, pools are often considered attractive nuisances. This means that children are naturally curious and feel drawn to these attractions but they can also cause harm or serious danger to their physical safety.

In order to make sure children understand the seriousness of drowning, you may need to place a fence around your pool. Putting up signs and warnings that tell guests on your property to mind their footing and avoid the deep end is also important.

Failure to secure the surrounding area

In some cases, a child may wander onto your property without warning. Since children are not trespassers when under a certain age, that means the law treats them as if they are guests on your property. Unsupervised children may try to jump into the deep end of a pool without thinking clearly about this action.

Children can also slip on water toys or puddles and fall into the pool, which can be life-threatening if no one else is around. Doing your duty to take reasonable care of your property means eliminating the danger or placing warnings near any dangerous places that children may want to explore.