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Bicyclist safety and the consequences of an accident

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2022 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents, Car Accidents

Riding a bike can be an excellent way to get exercise or save money, but you need to focus on safety and take steps to avoid an accident. Unfortunately, you are particularly vulnerable as a cyclist if you become involved in a traffic accident, and the collision could shatter many aspects of your life. Moreover, you should remember that even if you do everything in your power to stay safe on the road, a reckless driver could turn your life upside down in a matter of seconds.

Sadly, many cyclists face devastating hardships in the aftermath of a serious accident.

Avoiding a bicycle accident

There are a number of steps you can take to lower your chances of becoming involved in a bike accident. According to a fact sheet from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, bicyclists should make sure they ride bikes that fit them and function properly. Check your brakes, make sure your pants or shoelaces do not become stuck in the chain and wear a helmet. You can also take other steps to avoid an accident, such as finding the safest route before you ride (which could mean using a bicycle path to avoid traffic) and making sure any items you carry are safely secured.

Additionally, reflective gear and lights can help drivers see you at night, and bright clothes can increase your visibility during the daytime.

The consequences of bike accidents

If you become injured while riding a bicycle, the accident could prevent you from working, and you could also face financial problems due to hospital bills. Mental trauma, physical pain and permanent immobility can also arise in the wake of a bicycle collision. Make sure you review your options if you face these challenges because of a driver’s recklessness.