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Can a bone fracture leave you disabled?

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2022 | Car Accidents

Motor vehicle crashes continue to surge as people resume normal work and school commutes. While some accident injuries seem obviously disabling, one that may cause a lifetime of problems is a bone fracture.

The rate of broken bones in crashes remains steady. Several factors may lend to the potential that the break leaves a person with a temporary or permanent disability. Take a look at some bone injuries that may arise from a car accident.

What are the different fractures?

There are different degrees of bone fractures. These range from mild to severe.

Stable fracture

The most likely break to heal without residual issues is a stable fracture. This is a break where the bones stay mainly in place except for a crack. Doctors can usually stabilize the body part in a cast to allow the bone to regrow.

Compound fracture

On the opposite side is a compound fracture. This type of break results in bones splitting away from each other. A doctor usually needs to pin the bones back together surgically, and the patient may require physical therapy. A compound fracture may heal without much residual damage; however, depending on the age and condition of the person, it may leave someone disabled for a short time.

Compound open fracture

The most severe fracture involves bone breaking and piercing the skin. It is the most likely to lead to permanent damage. The main reason for this is the trauma to the tissue caused by the bone ripping the skin and opening a wound. A compound open fracture may require repeat surgeries to clean the wound and set the bone.

It is crucial for anyone involved in a car accident to receive a proper medical workup post-crash. Any injury may result in severe disability if not caught in time.