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Stair safety tips and injuries at work or in your home

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Premises Liability, Slip & Fall Accidents

It is a tall order to expect anyone to go for very long without using stairs anywhere. From workplaces to parking garages and just in your everyday routine at home, climbing stairs is a common occurrence. It also comes with an unspoken risk that, if severe enough, can lead to serious or even permanent injury.

As Amstep discusses, over 1 million stair-related injuries per year occur in the United States along with an estimated 12,000 deaths. Knowing how to stay safe may help avoid an untimely accident. Knowing your options after an accident may help your peace of mind.

Stair safety

Preventative awareness is a big part of stair safety. Paying attention, avoiding distractions and not rushing may all help avoid a nasty slip and fall. In your home, make sure to clear away any messes and clean up any spills.

However, in a workplace, there are OSHA guidelines that companies must follow. If companies fail to ensure that their staircases have secure banisters and clear pathways, that may increase injury risk and constitute negligence and non-compliance.

Stair injuries

Slight falls may result in bruising or even cuts. You might experience sprains, back injuries or even internal bleeding. There are many factors involved including the direction you were going on the stairs and the layout or construction of the stairs in question.

Slip and fall claims

If your injury is the result of negligence, whether due to wet conditions on stairs or hazardous construction of the stairs themselves, you have options. It is important to learn more about your unique situation and lean on your resources when considering an injury claim.