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How to prevent visitors from a swimming pool accident

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2023 | Premises Liability

Swimming pool accidents take center stage in the warmer months, but injuries and deaths can happen year-round. What can you do to prevent visitors from experiencing a mishap in your pool?

Learn about some of the most common accidents in and around swimming pools and how you may prevent them from transpiring on your watch.

Do you have a safety gate?

Drowning is the top cause of death in pools. The frequent victims of drowning are children and those who do not know how to swim. If you or anyone you know has children, you need to ensure that your pool has a fence and an alarm. Little fingers can get into tight places, so have a professional install and inspect it.

Do you have filter covers inside the pool?

The filter circulates chemicals and pool water to keep it clean and safe. This involves various spots in the pool with powerful suction points. Before opening your pool, ensure that these points have the proper covers. Without them, people inside the pool may become suctioned to the walls and floor, resulting in drowning and other serious internal injuries.

Do you have a clear pool depth marked?

Some pools have deep ends that prove suitable for diving, but many do not. Ensuring your guests understand the depth of the pool may help reduce the chance of visitors hitting their heads on the bottom and becoming critically injured.

Pool accidents require immediate medical attention. Ensuring you do everything you can to keep your visitors safe can help reduce the possibility of an incident in your backyard.